Herbalist Kolyo Trapezanov: Huma and apple cider vinegar – a cure for many diseases

“My age speaks best for me – I am 88 years old and still vibrant and healthy. When I’m not feeling well, I look to nature for help. Also, I don’t wear glasses – my vision is like that of a 20-year-old.

Since my early youth, I have been interested in how to lead a natural life and what natural methods can be used to help ourselves when we get sick. Nature has made sure to give us everything we need to be healthy,” says the experienced healer.

Recently, more and more people want to treat themselves with herbs and natural remedies. Here is the useful interview of the herbalist, specially for the “SHOW” c.

– Mr. Trapezanov, what is your recipe for a long healthy life?

– The most important thing for me that gives me health and strength is breathing exercises. We breathe, normally, with one third of the lung, and the remaining two thirds are a reserve. And with the breathing exercises, we also include this reserve for the benefit of health. This conscious breathing is done with a certain rhythm – inhalation, exhalation, pause – until the number 7: I breathe in for seven seconds, I hold for seven seconds so that oxygen can enter the blood, I breathe out for seven seconds, and I pause for the same amount of time. I repeat this exercise 60 times, i.e. 20 minutes.

I also use another breathing exercise that is very useful for all people my age – nasal breathing. I alternately press each nostril and exhale through the other. This is the best way to improve cerebral circulation. 75% of diseases can be cured by breathing exercises.

I also apply a simple clapping of the hands according to the method of Paida Lajin. The taps are done on the joints, upper arms, head and shoulders until the skin turns red. Along with this, stretching, stretching is done so that the energy can move freely along its paths, called meridians. Once the energy starts moving properly, it means that the disease has been removed.

– You use huma in the treatment of many diseases. Tell us about its healing properties?

– Yes, huma helps with many diseases. It can be used externally – in the form of poultices (compresses) for fractures, wounds, joint diseases, varicose veins, spikes. Our ancestors have used it since time immemorial. Green huma is of the highest quality and is beneficial in that it draws out all toxins and infections from the body. It strengthens the immune system, binds to viruses and bacteria and removes them from the body. Humata restores sight – I have helped many people who now read without glasses. The best effect is achieved when huma is applied externally and internally.

In addition to radium, it also contains many minerals and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, silicon and many others. When it comes into contact with toxins or heavy metals and bacteria,

extracts them from the body and charges the body with the useful substances contained in it. Women can make face masks with it – it makes the skin smooth, young and removes wrinkles. In addition, huma is the best toothpaste, it also treats periodontal disease.

The most important thing in huma treatment is to get it from ecologically clean sources. It must be known from what place it was taken. Of course, you can also buy huma from the pharmacy. But I want to protect people from giving unnecessary money when they could save it. I live in Stara Zagora and near our city, in the village of Kozarevo, there is such a clean and unpolluted huma by us people.

– How exactly is huma used for compresses and for internal reception?

– For the compresses, the huma is dissolved in water or homemade apple cider vinegar to make a thick paste. Before preparing the porridge, leave the huma in the sun for three days. Then pound it in a wooden mortar without fail – in no case do not use iron or plastic dishes. It is applied to the sore spot in a layer about two centimeters thick. It is covered with gauze on top and attached with a plaster. It is changed every two hours, and the gauze with the old huma is thrown away and a new compress is prepared, since the poisons and toxins have seeped into the old one. Treatment continues until complete recovery. I have even treated a broken leg, hair loss in this way…

For internal administration, a little more preparation is required before starting the treatment. Dissolve a small spoonful of hummus in half a cup of lukewarm water and let it settle. Take a few sips and wait to make sure it won’t cause any unpleasant stomach reactions. If all is well, stir the huma and drink the liquid. Use smaller amounts at first and gradually increase the dose. Drink three times a day before meals. To have an effect, use it for at least a week or two.

It helps with ulcers, colitis, worms, with anemia, with a lack of the necessary minerals in the body. It cures gout, diabetes and also atherosclerosis.

– You also have a recipe for quitting smoking…

– This is actually a recipe of the famous Russian academician Prof. Viktor Vostokov. I have helped at least 100 people quit smoking with it. And today, a taxi driver from Sofia called me to thank me for helping him quit smoking – he had smoked them for more than 30 years. The secret is in the herb used – thyme.

You make cigarettes from the dry herb and smoke only them. After no more than a month, you will forget about tobacco. In addition to being a very aromatic herb and the “cigarettes” are pleasant to smoke, thyme powerfully cleanses the lungs of the tars accumulated in them.

There is another way to quit smoking with the herb marsh yarrow. This is an herb that cleanses the body: roots of the herb are taken twice a day (three times if you smoke 2 or more packs a day) when you feel like smoking. Suck the root and chew it for about 10 minutes, then spit it out. It will leave a bitter taste in your mouth and you won’t want to smoke for a while. It is important not to drink water afterwards so as not to wash away the bitter taste. When you feel like smoking – smoke, but take one root 2-3 times a day. So smoking is diluted again. This recipe belongs to Maria Treben – a Swedish healer known all over the world.

– Which of the Bulgarian herbs is most revered by you?

– Each Bulgarian herb has its own benefits and should find a place in our home. But you are right that besides thyme there is another herb that is very special to me – the dandelion. It is unique in that all its parts are medicinal – both the flowers and the roots, leaves and stem. You can make it on your salad when it is freshly picked, and add the dried one to the dishes as a seasoning, make infusions, teas, spirit extracts. Dandelion has such power that it even cures cancer. The roots and leaves are used to improve digestion, in diseases of the liver and gall bladder, colitis, the first symptoms of hemorrhoids, constipation, jaundice. If you have constipation or high blood pressure, make tea from the dandelion flower and drink 1 tablespoon of the infusion 3-4 times a day. And the roots and leaves lower cholesterol. In one herb – a whole pharmacy!

But before we reach for herbs, we need to know which of our organs has a problem. That’s why I diagnose the condition of the points on the foot – where there is a problem, the point is painful, swollen and inflamed. All the organs are designed on the foot.

Milena Vasileva

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