For what reasons does the so-called “fatty” blood?

Specialist hematologists explain this concept in the following way: in most cases, the presence of “fatty” (chylous) blood occurs in overweight people.

Doctors note that when excess fat accumulates in the body, it fails to be processed by the body and begins to circulate in the blood.

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And they specify that this condition is dangerous because it can lead to atherosclerosis (fatty deposits accumulate on the walls of the vessels and narrow them). This is how hematologists explain the appearance of “fatty” blood.

According to them, it is often a consequence of neglecting healthy eating and abuse of fatty food. They explain that if a person has overindulged in fatty meals the night before, in the morning fat particles have already formed in the blood and this can prevent tests from being carried out.

This can also affect the diagnosis. If a person is found to have “fatty” blood, it means that he needs to adjust his diet, reducing the consumption of saturated fats at all costs.

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