Elizabeth bought a World War II bunker and has done such wonders with it that now everyone is the envy of her awesome home! (PHOTOS)

Elizabeth Stratton decided to brag about her rather unusual achievement. And if you think it’s about some extreme selfie or crazy performances on the streets of the city, you’re sorely mistaken!

The young woman bought an old WWII bunker and turned it into a neat and stylish abode! Yes exactly.

Seeing the bunker, Elizabeth immediately had the idea of ​​making it a wonderful home. Few believed that anything would come of her venture. But when they saw the final result, they simply couldn’t believe their eyes.

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The bunker was built in 1942. It is located in Cornwall, UK. In the war years, the site played a decisive role in the fight against the Nazis. After the end of the war, however, it was abandoned and remained so for many decades. Until it was listed for sale and caught Elizabeth’s attention.

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For nearly 190,000 dollars, she acquired an empty room that was not suitable for living. But after 5 years and another 130,000 dollars, the bunker turned into a real gem.

The rebuilding process was by no means easy. The walls were too thick and tearing them down turned out to be quite a difficult job. This was the biggest problem that the new owner faced.

Elizabeth admits that the remodeling took much more time and money than she expected. Despite the difficulties, she managed to cope more than perfectly.

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The bunker has everything – three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room with a kitchen.

There is also room left for a study. Everything inside is very compact, comfortable and stylish.

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In order for natural light to penetrate into the underground house, the so-called solar tubes (tunnels), the inner part of which has a high reflectivity. Their installation is not labor-intensive and does not take much time.

The space in front of the bunker has also undergone a change. It is reached by a path around which there is a small garden.

Elizabeth is adamant that the bunker is a real magical fortress and the most beautiful place in the world.

The young woman is very happy in her new home, where she lives with her three dogs. She admits that living in this place, she empathizes with the events of that time and appreciates them in a new way. And the war veterans who often visit her are delighted with the way the bunker has been transformed. /jenata.

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