Drinks that thin the blood

Pomegranate and beet juices improve cardiovascular function because they thin the blood, explains nutritionist Dr. Margarita Koroleva. In an interview, she names other drinks with a similar effect.

The nutritionist said that thick blood can increase the risk of blood clots, so it’s important to drink more fluids, especially water, to prevent them.

“Water ensures good activity of all liquid structures, good lymphatic drainage and natural detoxification of the body,” explains Koroleva. According to her, calculating the daily intake of water is simple – for each kilogram of body weight, there should be no less than 33 milliliters of liquid.

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In addition, the nutritionist recommends drinking pomegranate juice more often, as it contains amino acids, vitamin P and vitamin B, necessary for maintaining the cardiovascular system and normalizing blood circulation. “The pomegranate is especially suitable for people over 50 years of age, when the body has already accumulated some problems,” emphasizes the doctor.

Beetroot juice is another useful blood thinning drink. It supports natural detoxification by removing heavy metal salts from the body and optimizing the composition of lipids in the blood.

Finally, Koroleva notes that blackcurrant or rouge infusions are also beneficial, as they contain vitamins P and C, which support blood health and improve circulation./Zdrave.to

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