Dr. Stanka Borisova: Bowen therapy is applied even to pregnant women and newborns

Dr. Stanka Borisova is a specialist in Bowen therapy in Gabrovo. She also has many years of experience and trust of patients as a specialist pediatrician.

In our publication, we have repeatedly published interesting materials about this innovative holistic method called Bowen Therapy.

In today’s issue of Doctor, we will introduce you to the point of view and experience of Dr. Stanka Borisova, who applies Bowen therapy, and her most frequent patients are those suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, problems after trauma, disorders in the internal organs, depression and other conditions.

– Dr. Borisova, you have practiced as a pediatrician for many years, i.e. why and when did you decide to engage in Bowen therapy?

– I got acquainted with this methodology by accident. I came across a brochure, then searched the internet for more information. And there I saw something that impressed me immensely.

Namely – a video about a newborn baby who had paresis of one hand. The toddler was filmed crawling on the floor, supporting himself on only one arm, with the other hanging by his side. He was treated by official medicine until he was 8 months old, but to no avail. And after only 3 months of Bowen therapy massages, the child can already use both hands.

In this regard, I have such patients, even close people. I’m talking about a 15-year-old boy who has one arm like a 7-year-old’s. Precisely because of congenital paresis, which they were unable to cure.

– Please briefly explain the essence of Bowen therapy.

– The founder of this methodology, Tom Bowen himself, had no special knowledge on the matter, he worked on some intuition.

Perhaps your readers have not heard of the so-called fascia – this is a thin sheath, connective tissue fine zipper. Everything from the toes to the top of the skull is connected, as this fascia is found in all muscles, tendons and organs.

It is actually also an organ, but it is not studied in as much detail as the others. I say all this to point out that with Bowen, it is her that the therapy works on. In Bowen therapy, such effects are also carried out on the muscles, as well as on the nervous system.

If I have to summarize – Bowen therapy works and affects muscles, nervous system, fascia, and hence the whole organism.

Dr. Stanka Borisova

– When you say – it works, you mean a massage, right?

– Yes, this is also a massage, but at certain points. The characteristic is that this massage is more delicate

And another characteristic – during this massage you work and rest.

I will explain: after one, or after 3-4, or after 6 movements, there is a 2-minute break. The procedures are different, therefore the rest period is not the same, but in fact there is a 2 minute rest from one movement to another.

– Does this massage stimulate energy in the body?

– Absolutely. These movements stimulate energy. And proof of this is a case with my patient. She is a young woman who is depressed. After the procedure, she shared that she felt very good and relaxed. After a few sessions, I am confident that a person, even in deeper depression, can feel much better.

– Dr. Borisova, for which diseases is the Bowen massage most effective?

– Bowen massage basically very successfully affects problems in the motor system – muscles, tendons, joints. But this methodology also affects the endocrine system and internal organs – intestines, stomach. But perhaps the best effects are for the musculoskeletal system. That’s where the biggest problems are, because when a person hurts, let’s say, the knee, it distorts not only it, but also the waist, spine, neck.

And one leads to another, second, third – and everything must be fixed in order to completely restore the body. Not only elderly people with joint problems, but also younger people benefit effectively from Bowen therapy, especially athletes. As well as people who work in offices, in a sitting position, in an uncomfortable position, because of which they get injuries and pains sometimes.

– Is Bowen therapy safe? Especially for children?

– Regarding the application of Bowen therapy in children, I want to say that it can be safely applied, for example, if the child falls, if he hits himself and is in an unclear state, for example. Then movements can be made for him, which are for emergency help, to relax the whole organism.

This technique can also be applied to baby colic and also to bedwetting. Of course, if there is no medically proven reason for bedwetting. And also, of course, for children with spinal problems. I have already mentioned – congenital paresis and other similar conditions.

In addition, it happens that newborn children have blocked tear ducts. The eyes go above and below and secrete. But after 2-3 massages with Bowen, the result is there.

– Can Bowen therapy be combined with official medicine?

– Yes, maybe, one does not interfere with the other. But the same massage practices should not be applied simultaneously or one after the other. If patients are considering doing something else, then we refuse Bowen massage. Massage practices from different therapies should simply not be collected and combined. We recommend not to take a bath after the massage and to have no impact on the body of any kind. And last but not least – we recommend people to drink water.

– Are there any contraindications for applying this therapy?

– There are no contraindications in principle.

There just needs to be consideration for, say, operated joints – hip, etc. We have to be mindful of these things. I mean very rare, really very rare, but there is hypersensitivity.

In this sense, the same elementary gentle movements are made, but the person is sensitive and begins to tremble – hands, legs, and this can last half an hour, 45 minutes. It doesn’t hurt, but they are hypersensitive.

What I may have neglected to say is that it is best to use Bowen treatments once a week ie. in 7 days. When it comes to a chronic disease, it should not be expected that anything can be obtained from one session. Because we have to prepare the body. As I mentioned to you above – the person’s leg hurts, his back and neck hurt.

Therefore, the lower back must be freed, the neck must be freed, in order to work on the legs. This happens gradually and there should be no expectations “from today to tomorrow”. For athletes, even one session may be enough, because usually some change occurs acutely.

– Could you tell about another case in which you were satisfied because you helped?

– I was working on an arm that was broken two years before the man came to me. With a very badly deformed wrist, two fingers could hardly bend, the other three – barely. The hand was twice as thick because without surgery everything had grown crooked, it had been moved, the whole wrist had been changed in general. And after 10 massages, all the fingers were already in motion.

The wrist has reached its normal shape. I mean, I have colleagues who work with thyroid, with diabetes, but I have no experience with these diseases. I mainly deal with the musculoskeletal system, abdominal organs, depression. Because I am a doctor and I realize that the situation regarding the thyroid gland is more serious.

I am very pleased that I came across this unique methodology. Because, firstly, I can be useful and, secondly, I admit, the burden of my medical responsibility, which I used to bear, is gone. I was a ward manager for 20 years, a pediatric cardiologist, a pediatrician. These are very heavy responsibilities. And now, even though I am a pensioner, I am very pleased to help in this way.


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