Doctors have listed the vitamins that we should take in the fall

During the autumn-winter period, the level of stress increases, immunity decreases and chronic diseases appear. How effective is the vitamin deficiency test and which five vitamins should you start taking in September to feel good all winter, experts report.

“It’s worth finding out what vitamins you’re already deficient in.” To do this, you can do a blood test. This is not a marketing trick, but an important procedure, since vitamins are involved in a large number of vital processes,” says Alexander Vuchenovich, co-founder of the vitamin selection service.

First among the vitamins we need in the fall is vitamin D, which is the main defense against viruses and colds. When there is no sun outside, vitamin D is consumed very quickly and a person becomes vulnerable to diseases. The second group is vitamin A.

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“Vitamin A is obtained mainly from fresh fruits and vegetables, and with the onset of cold weather, they become less and less. It plays an important role in the normal functioning of the heart, lungs and vision. The next vitamin is magnesium. It is responsible for resistance to stress,” explains Vučenović.

Another important substance that the body needs with the arrival of autumn is Omega-3.

“The body does not synthesize it on its own, it can only be obtained from dietary sources, specifically fish and fish oil. “Unfortunately, Omega-3 deficiency is not only observed among Japanese residents who eat fresh fish several times a week,” says the expert.

Rehabilitation therapist Mark Leontiev believes that the topic of vitamins today is highly commercialized. It is better not to prescribe vitamins, but to test yourself first. And as a preventive measure, you can choose a vitamin and mineral complex.

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“It is better that the vitamin-mineral complex contains zinc, because when there is a deficiency, the synthesis of endogenous interferon suffers. And also selenium – there is evidence that the deficiency of this trace element has a strong impact on productivity.

Vitamin C will be useful when a cold occurs, B vitamins for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, B12 is used for the treatment of alcoholism, “concluded the specialist. /

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