Do tests have to be paid for at an emergency room visit?

In March, I had an injury and was sent to the emergency room for an x-ray on my leg. I paid BGN 40, as there was an order to pay for this activity – the hospital was in a lot of debt. After I searched for my rights, I was referred to the hospital by the RHOC, where they told me that the fee had been charged because I had not been referred. Please inform me about my rights and the possibilities to assert them. However, I am not to blame for the hospital’s financial situation.
Vasil Zlatev, Pleven

The Ministry of Health pays hospitals for hospital care to provide emergency medical care to patients who have passed through emergency departments and are not hospitalized in the same hospitals. The doctor assesses the urgency of the condition.

An emergency is any acute or suddenly occurring state of violation of the body’s vital functions, associated with a violation of the morphological structure or a stoppage of the functional processes of one or several organs or systems in the human body, leading immediately to death or permanent and severe damage. This type of condition requires the immediate intervention of specialists prepared for the purpose to ensure the maintenance of the body’s vital functions until the final diagnosis is made by doctors and the application of resuscitation measures or intensive care.

Urgent is any disease state or aggravated chronic disease that has caused discomfort to the patient and is a prerequisite for seeking medical help, and carries the risk of possible disruption of the morphological structure or stopping of the functional processes of one or several organs or systems in the human body. body. The urgent condition requires rapid intervention by a medical specialist to clarify and diagnose this condition and take measures to control the symptoms and syndromes accompanying it (pain, nausea, vomiting, etc.), and subsequent treatment measures.

Examinations and tests, which should show whether there is an urgent need for hospital treatment, are not paid for by the patient, but by the state budget through the Ministry of Health. According to the regulatory documents, the hospital has no right to demand payment from the patient for activities performed in the emergency portal. If hospitalization is required, the health insurance treatment is paid through the relevant clinical pathway.

When the condition was not urgent and hospitalization was not required on a clinical pathway, the medical facility may request payment for the service rendered.

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