Contagion: Man’s arm amputated after eating sushi

South Korean man’s arm amputated after sushi poisoning. This was reported by the New England Journal of Medicine.

12 hours after eating the sushi, the 71-year-old man noticed that the palm of his left hand was getting very swollen. This reaction is the result of infection with the flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio Vulnificus contained in the raw fish. Doctors drained the swollen areas and removed the infected tissue, then prescribed antibiotics for the patient.

However, the treatment did not help and on his second visit – on the 25th day after the poisoning, it turned out that the man had tissue necrosis. So the doctors decided to amputate the palm and the forearm.

Vibrio Vulnificus bacteria are the causative agents of deadly diseases. They enter the human body after eating raw seafood or when seawater enters open wounds./

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