Beauty, health and mental freshness – in fermented cabbage

Anything “brutal” healthy is old. Old and good. Cabbage is also an old woman, because it has been cultivated for more than four thousand years. Her story began to be written on the coast of the western Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

sour cabagge

Fermented cabbage strengthens the body and since it has detoxifying properties.

The ancient Egyptians even attributed divine power to her and built altars to her. In ancient Greece, it was used as a medicinal plant that strengthened the body and spirit and was consumed as an “immune and anti-stress pill”. It turned out later that it also helps with ulcer diseases.

Kiwis, bananas and oranges contain a high amount of vitamin C, but not comparable to how much it contains in sauerkraut. It was always the favorite vegetable of our grandmothers – red cabbage, pickled white cabbage, barrel cabbage, sour cabbage. They playfully increased their immunity with it – and with it also the other members of the family, to whom it was served on a plate.

In addition to vitamin C, it also has vitamin B, K, provitamin A, amino acids that contain sulfur and act as antibiotics. It also contains mustard oil and minerals, especially potassium, which dehydrates and deacidifies the body, but also iron for blood formation, magnesium for muscle and heart activity, and zinc for libido and brain activity. Juice from sour or raw cabbage has beneficial effects on intestinal microflora, raw and fermented cabbage is a source of fiber, a substance that improves emptying.

Fermented cabbage strengthens the body, and since it has detoxifying properties, it is good for weight loss. Because it contains a negligible amount of calories – that’s why losing weight with it is so easy. Few calories, but guaranteed satiety.

It contains valuable vitamin B12, which can only be found in seaweed. It is especially needed by vegans who do not consume milk and eggs. Let’s remind you that this vitamin is responsible for mental health, good mood and easily relieves stress. It is also needed for the healthy development of the brain, nerves and heart, as well as pyridoxine and niacin, B vitamins, which are also found in abundance in cabbage.

Last but not least, the cabbage is toasted. This is due to the content of pantothenic acid, thanks to which the hair color shines. In sum, whoever consumes fermented cabbage is mentally fresh, slim, young, doesn’t go along with a high level of bad cholesterol in the blood, doesn’t know stress, has a strong heart muscle, and with the arrival of autumn and spring, flus bypass him.

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