A study shows that we eat this every day, and it can cause cancer

Jane Renz is a renowned professor in the field of geochemistry. She is also a loving wife and mother, but in 1987 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s as if her productive and fulfilling life is coming to an end. The disease repeats her, but Jane does not give up for a moment during her fight for life. She tried all kinds of methods.

Her husband was also a famous scientist who was working in China at the time. Together with his colleagues, he made a discovery and shed light on why a very small percentage of women in China suffer from breast cancer. In the end, the study and the findings, they say, help Jane overcome the insidious disease.

It should be noted that the discovery of scientists is the subject of many disputes and discussions. Its effect is not universally recognized by experts in the field. Only you decide whether to try.

“For a long time I could not understand why so few Chinese women suffer from this scourge for most women in the world. When I was faced with this disease, I tried to find out as much information as possible and come up with some logical explanation,” says Jane.

“My colleagues, my husband and I went in search of this logical explanation, studying their daily routines, their exercises and even their diets. First of all, our attention was drawn to the fact that in their diets there is a very small percentage of fat – 14%, compared to 36%, which is the content of the Western European diet. However, it was this explanation that didn’t sit well with us. First, there is no evidence that high dietary fat increases the risk of cancer, and second, I myself have followed a low-fat diet my whole life.

We found that there is a product that is not in the Chinese diet. “The Chinese don’t consume dairy products,” my colleague stated. “When I thought about it, I felt that we were on our way to a great discovery. Finally, everything started to fall into place. I was amazed. As it turns out, milk and milk products are the cause of most allergies. It’s no surprise that 70% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant,’ she says.

‘Before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I consumed a lot of dairy products – yogurt, fresh milk, cheese, cottage cheese. In fact, it was my main source of protein. Our doctors believe that dairy products are very useful, but Chinese experts do not share our love for these foods,” she adds.

In 1989, a study showed that yogurt can cause ovarian cancer. Dr. Daniel Kramer of Harvard University studied hundreds of women diagnosed with cancer and studied their diet very carefully. “After this research, I completely threw out all products containing milk. I realized we use it in many dishes – biscuits, cakes, margarine, soy products, even some ready-made soups contain milk,” says Jane.

“The tumor disappeared 6 weeks after I gave up dairy! The formation subsided after only a few days. It was amazing. I continued with chemo and it really helped. The tumor could be seen getting smaller and smaller and eventually disappeared completely. The doctors couldn’t believe their eyes, but all the tests confirmed it – the tumor had completely disappeared! And this 6 weeks after I completely gave up dairy. Of course, most doctors are skeptical of my discovery. However, to me the link between breast cancer and dairy consumption is as obvious as the link between lung cancer and smoking. I am alive and this is the confirmation of my words,’ shares Jane.

We can’t claim that Jane’s method will help, though. As we have already noted, there is much debate about its discovery and whether stopping dairy consumption can help you fight this insidious disease./jenata.

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