A nutritionist revealed which products prolong youth

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Director of the Samara Research Institute of Dietetics and Diet Therapy Mikhail Ginzburg named five products that prolong youth.

First of all, the doctor recommends to include green tea in your diet.

This food is present in most refrigerators, but stop giving it to your children!

“It contains a lot of catechins, which trigger the autophagy process,” noted the specialist.

He emphasized that all foods that trigger this process slow down the aging of the body. The nutritionist noted the basic principle of all rejuvenation ideas – a little malnutrition. Ginsburg recommends drinking up to three cups of green tea daily.

In addition, the doctor confirmed the anti-aging properties of fish, olive oil and flax seeds. These foods contain unsaturated fatty acids, which reduce inflammation in the body and protect against atherosclerosis.

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“Another product is dark chocolate. Use it as a substitute for sugar, which is good to avoid so as not to raise blood sugar levels,” Ginsburg said.

The nutritionist noted the destructive impact on the body of sausages, carbonated water, baked goods and biscuits./zdrave.to

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