A girl took a selfie for her friends, when they saw it, everyone screamed in horror

Selfie nowadays is one of the most popular pictures. Everyone does this almost every day. Sometimes it can cause others to laugh, admire or scare them.

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This is exactly what happened to an American woman who decided to leave the city where she lives for a few days.

Jessica is a very social girl and has many friends. Her parents went out of town for the weekend and decided to take their daughter with them. The girl really wanted to stay at home, but her parents insisted.

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The trip was supposed to last 3 days.

On the first day, Jess walked in the forest and enjoyed the nice weather. She even took a dip in the local lake. However, she missed her friends and decided to send them a sad selfie.

However, 10 minutes after she sent the picture to friends, her phone overheated with calls. The girl was not looking at her phone, but as soon as she got to it, after about 30 minutes, she was in shock. Her heart pounded and the blood drained from her face.

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It turns out Jessica wasn’t alone in the selfie she sent to friends.

A small spider is standing next to her. The girl immediately found the animal in her hood and ran to her parents. They threw away the filth that did nothing to their daughter.

Jessica reveals that she was terrified and could barely contain herself from screaming./jenata.

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