62 years old Leslie doesn’t stop walking around in a bikini and shocking with sexy body PICTURES

American Leslie Carlton never ceases to amaze people with her athletic figure. But that’s not all. The beauty has not been the first youth for a long time, but looking at her photos, no one can say that she is 62, writes the Daily Mail!

“Most people assume I’m 40 and are shocked when I tell them I’m 62,” she says with a smile.

Carlton has not only two sons, but also two grandchildren, whom she is trying to teach to the sport, as, by the way, her grandmother once did with her.

“As a teenager and until my 20th birthday, I never exercised. I just watched what I ate. Then I started following my grandmother’s advice. She was a dancer and often ate healthy food in small portions, every 2-3 hours.

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I also followed the rule that carbs and protein should be the size of the palm of your hand, and vegetables should be twice the size,” says Carlton.

“Then, when I turned 30, I started playing sports and just fell in love. I started skiing, I got a black belt in karate. It was only 10 years ago that I started lifting weights. It helped me keep my body strong and toned until I was 60” , she adds.

“Eating healthy food at small intervals throughout the day keeps me energized.

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Six days a week I watch what I eat. I don’t eat fried food and try to limit flour and sugar.

But on Sundays I always allow myself to relax and treat myself to wine, burgers, etc. It also keeps my metabolism in check,” admits the ageless beauty.

Physical exercises are not the only thing that the beauty keeps in shape. She pays close attention to sleep, water balance and her mental health.

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“I try to sleep at least eight hours a night and drink a lot of water,” she says.

Leslie advises everyone to get out into nature at every convenient opportunity. “If you have the opportunity to stay alone – stay alone. After all, it does wonders for mental health,” she is emphatic.

The results are more than shocking. If Leslie went out with one of her sons, people would mistake them for a couple.

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However, the Carlton family is used to such comments.

“People still think I’m their girlfriend or wife. They even sometimes say my sons look older than me. And they smile and say ‘thank you,'” says the American.

By the way, her relatives immediately supported her when she decided to participate in the Sports Illustrated contest, where anyone, even a non-professional model, can become the cover of the magazine with a good photo shoot in the style of the publication.

There is still a long time before the final results are announced, but despite the fact that all the other contestants are 40 years younger than her, Leslie has already captured the attention of readers.

“I want to inspire women and show them that we can be beautiful at any age. I look much better at 62 than I did at 40.

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I never would have thought that was possible. I had no idea that after 50 I would be walking around in a swimsuit,” she says.

“Beauty has no expiration date. We can all stay beautiful and look young with a healthy lifestyle and a good attitude.

I look at pictures of myself when I was 20 and I have the same body. My skin is different, but my body is the same,” adds Leslie. /jenata.

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