6 colors that betray the provincialist

There is no woman who does not want to look good. Most often, the fair sex relies on stylish clothes to have a flawless look.

No more provincialist look

Sometimes, however, in their quest to look well-dressed, women make very serious fashion mistakes that turn them into bad-looking provincial women.

From jenata. we came across a study by fashion critics that revealed the six most nightmarish colors that ruin every woman’s look.

It is good to know that dark colors are subconsciously associated with wealth and intelligence for a historical reason. For example, the deep blue color made in the Middle Ages from lapis lazuli – a stone, was inaccessible to the middle class, and only people with money could afford clothes of this color.

5 outerwear that betrays the provincial PHOTOS

How to choose the right color clothes

Of course, when shopping for clothes, it is worth paying attention not only to their color. Even the noblest shade will not look good if it is made of cheap material.

However, the choice of color should not be left in the background anyway. The right tone should highlight your face, not make your skin gray or yellow.

Successful colors are always based on a basic tone – more often black, sometimes white. The deeper the color, the more beautiful the woman who wears it will look.

Here are six examples of clothing colors that turn a woman into a bad-looking provincial:

Red: Yes – burgundy, no – scarlet;
Green: Yes – emerald, no – light green;
Yellow: Yes – mustard, no – lemon;
Pink: Yes – rose Ashes, no – barbie type;
White: Yes – minor, no – snow;
Blue: Yes – sea wave, no – indigo.

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How to use shades in the details of clothes

If you can’t find a nice garment in the right color, then take a closer look at the different accents and accessories. For example, accessories should be chosen in deep dark colors, otherwise colorful details will immediately betray their low price.

The same applies to shoes – dark colors always refer to the classic style, while bright pink and red shoes show the lack of taste of the woman who wears them.

5 pairs of shoes that are stamped “Provincialist” PHOTOS

Don’t forget to choose the right bag, accessories and sometimes a hat.

6 Ridiculous Bags That Betray The Provincial PICTURES

And most importantly, any woman will look good as long as you walk with the right posture and facial expression that conveys confidence. / jenata.

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