5 Female Needs Men Need to Understand

Every marriage is different, so this isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach that applies to every wife, but we’re confident that these “secrets” mean a lot to most of us. Listed below are ideas that will foster more mutual understanding and healthy communication between spouses.

5 things most women struggle to tell their husbands:

1. We want him to be able to read our non-verbal cues

This doesn’t mean we expect our spouses to read our minds (although that would be nice). We just want him to become more attentive to our non-verbal cues and respond appropriately to them. Show him that this way the connection and intimacy will go deeper than words. In short, we want our husbands to pay attention to us.

2. We often feel that we fall short of his expectations

Everywhere we look, we see ‘photographed’ supermodels or photos of our friends on Instagram who seem to have perfect houses and perfect children. The need to “meet” impossible standards creates enormous pressure. Explain to your man that we often don’t express this feeling of inadequacy, but it doesn’t go away.

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3. We like it when he leads

This is a controversial idea because women are just as capable as men, but when he takes on the responsibility of being the servant and leader of the house, it gives us a sense of security. Tell him that we never want to dominate or bully, but there are times when we want him to take the initiative. His determination and confidence rub off on us.

4. We want him to offer chores more often

You’ve probably already told him this, but we think it far more often than we say it! We need partnership in many aspects of parenting and family life. Tell him you always think he’s handsome, but he’s just stunning when he’s washing dishes or folding his clothes!

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5. We always want to be beautiful in his eyes.

It doesn’t matter if we are eighteen or eighty years old, we still want to know that in his mind we are beautiful and he only looks at us. Tell him that even on those days when we feel sick, tired, fat, upset, and disappointed in ourselves, his love and adoration will allow us to feel our beauty./ jenata.

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