5 Dresses That Are Printed “Provincialist” PHOTOS

We’ve all heard the proverbial saying that with clothes you welcome and with the mind you send. Whatever we say to each other is the truth itself.

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Now we will not discuss the second part of the phrase, but the first – clothing. We all know that the first impression and vision of a person is extremely important.

Undoubtedly, the vanity of women is much greater than that of men.

Therefore some time ago from jenata. we shared which clothes in the wardrobe betray the villagers. In addition, we named and the nine mistakes that turn women into bad-looking provincials.

But it turns out that there are a few more dangers that women should be aware of when choosing their clothes, and dresses in particular.

It turns out that there are exactly five dresses that, if you wear them, automatically stamp you as a “Provincialist”.

Here are the “Provincialist” dresses:

Fine knitted mini dress

Women have different tastes and the right to exist and dress as they choose. But with the help of a thin knitted mini dress, you can only demonstrate the lack of any taste. It insidiously fits any part of the body and in most cases immediately tells others what flaws your body hides. It also looks vulgar.

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Advice: Even if you have a perfect figure, there are many ways to show it off in a much more subtle way. For example, wear a silk dress in a linen style or a flying model with a thigh slit.

Elastic lace dress

This is another bright representative of the provincial style. The thing is that dresses that are made of elastic lace make a woman look cheap and her body huge. In addition, in this outfit you will be able to add an extra 10 years to your social security number and become an aunt.

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Advice: Do not waste money on such a dress: it is better to pay attention to models decorated with thin lace from natural materials.

Dresses with a puffy skirt

A dress with a short puffy skirt was incredibly popular back in the day. But this is already in the past, which should not return for anything in the world. Now you will see such dresses worn only by provincial women, in whose wardrobe fashion trends arrive very late indeed. And honestly the puffy princess skirts, although short, are very likely to turn a gorgeous 30-year-old into a senior prom.

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Advice: Better give this dress to your daughter, niece or any little girl who has not yet turned 12. And tenderness and femininity can be emphasized in much more interesting ways.

Long dresses made of thick fabrics

We are convinced that a long dress made of wool or viscose cannot exude “fashionable chic”. The fabric looks heavy, and it is, and thus adds some weight to the figure of the woman who wears it. And if it is also more closed in the area of ​​the neckline, then your vision of a “country schoolgirl” is guaranteed.

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Advice: Forget about long dresses made of heavy fabric, and better bet on such clothes made of light and airy fabrics.

Neoprene Dress with Bubble Skirt

These representatives of provincial fashion are more than forbidden in the wardrobe of a woman who wants to look well dressed. Not only does the look of the dress with a “balloon” skirt spoil the figure, but also the nightmarish feeling that we are wearing “rubber” clothing will accompany us throughout the day. Not to mention how steamy the body is.

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In addition, if you appear in such a dress, it will probably lead to associations in others that you are an advertising face of Chinese goods sites (at one time they were simply full of such models).

Advice: It is better to choose a dress from another fabric, which will sit on you more naturally and beautifully, and also pay attention to other models of skirts – for example, a straight skirt. / jenata.

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