20 natural products against yeast infection

Despite treatment prescribed by a doctor, many women and men with weakened immune systems cannot cope with candidiasis (or thrush), which is a fungal infection of the genitals. It turns out that diet is a key point in the treatment of this infection, as it creates an environment in the body where the candida fungus cannot multiply. Apart from having to accompany the treatment with medication, proper nutrition is also the best prevention against chronic candidiasis.

Choose fresh natural products for the antifungal diet. Emphasize raw vegetables, but don’t overdo it with fruit. Pay particular attention to the choice of meat – meat products that have been exposed to antibiotics will only help the reproduction of various types of fungi in the gastrointestinal tract, and this will also have a negative effect on immunity.

More fiber and less processed foods containing artificial additives and colorings – this is the main principle in nutrition. Antifungal preparations are only part of the treatment.

To get rid of candidiasis, the pH of the body’s environment must be alkaline. Therefore, it is recommended to give up sugar, starch, refined foods with preservatives, alcohol. When you change your eating habits, you will also be surprised at the improvement in your overall health.

It is also important to cleanse the body of slags and help it cope on its own in the fight against harmful microorganisms.

Foods with a powerful antifungal effect

Green apples




Onions and leeks

A turnip

Olive oil

Lemon, lime

Raw pumpkin seeds


Brussels sprouts

Cabbage – fresh and sour

Yogurt with live milk bacteria

Kombucha mushroom tea

Apple cider vinegar (as an addition to salads or as a mixture of 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons of honey in a glass of water)

Hot red pepper





Symptoms in women:

► Burning and itching of vagina

► White vaginal discharge

► Pain during intercourse

► Pain when urinating

Symptoms in men:

► Burning and itching of glans penis and prepuce

► Redness of glans penis and prepuce

► White spots on penis

► Pain during intercourse

► Pain when urinating

Prepared by Mara KALCHEVA

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