11 sex messages that will drive your partner crazy PICTURES 18+

Have you heard of Sexting? It is now officially recognized by sexologists.

It’s the ability to send dirty messages to drive your partner crazy, they explain.

Nowadays, when people do not let go of the phone from their hands, messaging (in any social media or standard SMS) has also become an important part of every couple’s life.

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“Sex is not just flirting. It’s a way to create hot sexual tension in your partner,” says sexologist and psychologist Kate Moyle, adding: “It’s a way to get to know each other better, deepen your relationship, and make it even more intimate and reverent.”

Sexting is also a great way to increase your partner’s desire and anticipation for a date. It is also an ideal and natural aphrodisiac.

Slutty messages are an ideal prelude to actual intercourse, but they also stimulate the imagination and improve the overall quality of sex.

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In addition, they allow you to increase the quality of daily communication with your partner, and create a feeling of joyful excitement in the other party even when you are apart.

Therefore from jenata. we decided to make a list of 11 sex messages that you can safely write to your partner and guarantee that you will drive the other party crazy with excitement.

What is Sexting?

In fact, these are candid questions about sex and their answers. You can ask any questions that interest you. This creates a greater closeness.

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Rules for sexting

1. Dirty messages unlock a partner’s imagination. Therefore, in the middle of the night, you can send your partner (if you don’t sleep together) the following message: “I had a very hot dream and you were in it. Do you want me to tell you, or do you want me to show you when we meet?’.

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Another option is “If I were in your bed right now, what would you want me to do with you?”.

But you can immediately proceed with the following messages: “I want to touch you! Do you want to know what I’m thinking right now?’.

In extreme cases, this is also suitable: “And today I’m wearing new panties. Do you want to see them in a picture or live?”.

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2. After exchanging jokes and appropriate emoticons you can move on to deeper questions like: “What sexual fantasy have you always had but didn’t do?” or “What do you think about sex toys?”; “What sex position have you always wanted to try?”; “If you could have sex anywhere but the bedroom, where would you have it?”; “What turns you on more than anything?”.

3. Luring a partner into your bedroom is also part of sexting, it’s more like flirting. It achieves the same goals as the previous questions – to arouse excitement and anticipation in the partner.

And here you have the opportunity to expand your imagination to the max. Here are some options:

“My bed feels very lonely without you! Do you want to lie down in it as soon as possible?’ or “I just took a shower but I’m in a dirty mood again”.

Exchanging such messages can really create a certain serious sexual mood. After all, sex and flirting are mostly based on play. / jenata.

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