10 proven harms of masturbation in men

Some time ago, the TV evangelist Muchahid Cihad Khan caused a real social explosion in Turkey with his claim that men who masturbate may “meet their hand pregnant in the afterlife.” Naturally, his words caused a wave of playful comments on social networks, and hardly anyone took them seriously.

According to research conducted in 2010, 94% of men admit that they masturbate regularly (for women, the percentage is 85%). It is more curious, however, that people who have a regular sex life masturbate more often compared to those who have a problem finding a sexual partner.

Although it is clear to everyone that masturbation can help a person to get rid of stress and nervous tension, it can also be a threat to the normal functioning of the body. Scientists have already discovered the answers to the question of how many times a week a person can masturbate. According to them, men should not masturbate more than three times a week.

And excessive masturbation can have quite negative effects on the body. It has already been proven that men age faster if they masturbate more than six to seven times a week. Well, guys, if you too are on the verge of becoming a “slimming” record holder and often find yourself giving all the attention, the following lines are for you. Here are 10 proven harms of masturbation in men.

1. Loss of energy

Masturbation takes a lot of energy. Lack of energy is the result of excessive masturbation.

2. Addiction

Addiction to it also leads to biological changes in the body. According to one recent study, men who masturbate excessively are considered a type of drug addict.

3. Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the most noticeable side of the effects of masturbation.

4. Neurological problems

Excessive masturbation has also been linked to several severe neurological problems in older men.

5. Premature ejaculation

Excessive masturbation is also associated with premature ejaculation. Men find it extremely difficult to control the release of sperm if they masturbate a lot.

6. It affects the sex life badly

This is related to the premature ejaculation point above. Since too much masturbation slows down pleasure, it can completely destroy your sex life.

7. Makes you sleepier

Masturbating too much also releases excess dopamine in the brain, therefore making you feel sleepy.

8. Hair loss

Yes, excessive masturbation leads to hair loss in men. If you masturbate more than 5 times a week, don’t wonder why your hair has started to fall out.

9. Memory loss

Excessive masturbation leads to the release of dopamine in the brain, which leads to memory loss.

10. Loss of testosterone

As made clear above, men who masturbate a lot lose interest in sex after a while. What is more worrying, however, is that masturbating also affects the levels of testosterone in the body./ Zdrave.to

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