Why do drivers put rubber toys on the exhaust pipe: it turns out there is a secret

Sometimes on the roads you can meet cars on the exhaust pipes of which rubber toys are fastened.

  • gases
  • Dirt protection
  • Saving gasoline
  • Engine Bonus

First thought: someone wants too much to be original. But no. In fact, in this way the driver solves a number of problems.

For example, it protects the exhaust system from premature wear.


The fact is that the faster the exhaust gases move inside it, the more the working surfaces heat up.

Photo: © Belnovosti

A rubber toy, equipped on the exhaust pipe, helps to slow down the speed of movement of gases inside the system.

Thus, it does not allow the exhaust pipe to overheat and, accordingly, provides it with a longer service life.

Dirt protection

Also, such a toy helps to protect the exhaust pipe in rainy weather, when driving through slush or puddles, in conditions of a large accumulation of dirt.

It is the latter that clogs the unprotected exhaust pipe opening, and frequent attacks of snow and water lead to corrosion.

The rubber toy takes on all the dirt. That is, it protects the exhaust and protects it from negative consequences in the conditions of a “dirty” ride.

Saving gasoline

The third option: saving gasoline and improving the physical characteristics of the engine.

The point here is the need to provide a certain difference in pressure inside and outside the pipe, due to which the operation of the entire exhaust system takes place in normal mode.

Some drivers increase this very difference by increasing the muffler outlet.

As a result, we get: when driving, the exhaust gases are practically “pulled out” from the muffler on their own, which removes excessive pressure from the cylinders in the engine, while improving their ventilation.

Engine Bonus

In turn, this reduces gasoline consumption and improves engine performance, as the efficiency of fuel combustion in the unit chamber increases and its power increases.

Experts have calculated that wearing a rubber toy on the exhaust pipe reduces gasoline consumption by up to 20%.

In addition, the level of contamination of the internal surfaces of the motor is significantly reduced.

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