Two tips for owners of a cramped garage: how to protect the car from damage

Often it turns out that there is too little free space in the garage.

  • hang a tennis ball
  • Glue foam to the walls

This can be explained by the small size of the room, and the storage of a huge number of things.

The first thing to do is to remove any rubbish. And often this is enough to make the garage more spacious.

If the tightness persists even after cleaning, then you need to perform the following two steps.

Photo: © Belnovosti

hang a tennis ball

If this sports equipment hangs from the ceiling of the garage on a rope, then the entrance to the premises will become safer.

The main thing is to set the ball so that it hangs at the level of the windshield and lightly knocks on it at the moment when the car is completely in the garage and at the same time is at a considerable distance from the back wall.

Glue foam to the walls

If the garage is narrow, then the foam strips attached to its side walls will come in handy.

When opening the door, the driver will definitely not damage the paintwork, as the impact will be softened due to the material used.

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