How to make a car body shine: a method that will appeal to many drivers

Many motorists dream of finding a way to make the body of their vehicle sparkle.

Regular car wash does not always help to achieve the desired result.

Yes, the surface of the car gets rid of dirt, but the shine may not appear.

However, some cars, owned by experienced drivers, always shine. What’s the secret?

Photo: © Belnovosti

What should be applied to the surface of the machine

It turns out that there is an easy way to return the vehicle to its original appearance.

This is not at all about polishing the body and not about using special expensive tools.

Come to the rescue … hair conditioner.

Apply it to the surface of the car immediately after completing the first stage of car washing.

The agent must remain on the paintwork for 5 minutes.

As soon as the time is up, the conditioner should be washed off well. As a result, the body will begin to sparkle. Glitter will surely be bright: there will be a feeling that the car has just recently left the assembly line.

The use of hair conditioner when washing the car will give another positive effect: a hydrophobic layer will appear on the body, due to which the surface of the car will become dirty very slowly.

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