Going on a long trip? 3 tips for the driver not to get tired

Going on a long trip on your own vehicle, any motorist expects to enjoy the journey.

  • Proper preparation
  • Do not drive in silence
  • Short stops

However, sometimes the voyage turns into a real torture. The point is the fatigue that appeared due to a long sitting behind the wheel.

How to ensure that the trip leaves only pleasant memories? How to prevent severe fatigue?

You need to properly prepare for the trip and follow certain rules already while driving.

Photo: © Belnovosti

Proper preparation

The first important point: before a long trip you need to sleep. Sleep must be complete. Getting behind the wheel of a sleepy person is very dangerous.

It’s not worth eating before a long journey: there is a high risk that the driver will become drowsy due to a “full” stomach.

Enough to limit yourself to a light snack and a cup of coffee. You can have lunch at a cafe along the way.

Do not drive in silence

If the driver does nothing but look at the road and the landscape, which hardly changes, then the risk of fatigue and drowsiness is high.

To avoid this, you need to talk with passengers. If there is no one else in the car, then you should turn on energetic music.

Short stops

The driver must stop periodically: to rest, eat food, go to the toilet. And just for a change of scenery.

During a long trip, you need to periodically get out of the car in order to walk and get some fresh air. Then fatigue will not come at the most unexpected moment.

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