3 Times a Driver Needs a Paper Towel: It Doesn’t Have to Do With Cleaning

No wonder experienced drivers keep at least one roll of paper towels in the car.

  • car wash in winter
  • Condensation on glass
  • Engine oil check

It is clear that this product helps during cleaning: with the help of such material, you can wipe various surfaces and collect small debris.

However, a paper towel may be needed not only to clean up the interior of the vehicle.

There are three more situations when the product will come to the aid of a motorist.

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car wash in winter

You need to visit a car wash both warm and in the cold season.

But in winter there is a problem: after the procedure is completed, the door may freeze. All because of the water that got on the rubber seals. The liquid freezes and the driver faces serious difficulties.

To avoid them, immediately after washing, you need to walk along the sealing gum with a piece of cloth with vegetable oil, and then with paper material.

As a result, the surface will get rid of excess moisture and acquire a protective shell, thanks to which the door will not freeze.

Condensation on glass

In winter, due to the temperature difference in the street and inside the car, condensation appears on the windshield.

You can remove it with a paper towel. “Lobovuha” will cease to be foggy, and there will be no divorces. As a result, the driver will be able to see the road normally.

Engine oil check

Using paper, you can check the quality of engine oil.

It is enough that a couple of drops of the product get on this material. If the edges of the stain come out torn, then the engine oil is probably diluted.

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