3 signs that they want to steal a car: every car owner should know about it

Car thieves don’t always commit the crime right away.

  • Twigs constantly appear on the roof of the car
  • The car was open
  • Strange people call car owner

First, some attackers carefully “study” the vehicle they want to steal.

According to some signs, the car owner can understand that someone has “laid eyes” on his car.

In this case, the driver may have time to take measures in order not to be left without a car (for example, drive the car to a garage or parking lot where there is security).

Photo: © Belnovosti

So, what strange phenomena should the owner of the vehicle pay attention to?

Twigs constantly appear on the roof of the car

Some attackers deliberately put twigs on the car.

This is done in order to find out how long the car owner leaves his “swallow”.

Of course, the twig could appear on the roof of the car by accident. But if the situation repeats itself, then you should be wary.

The car was open

Of course, this can happen due to the fault of a forgetful driver.

But it is possible that the car remained open after someone visited its salon without asking.

Perhaps potential hijackers wanted to check the alarm or see if they could start the engine.

Strange people call car owner

Some car thieves are so confident that they are not afraid to communicate directly with the owner of the car.

They call the driver, introduce themselves as employees of various firms or companies and ask if there are problems with the car alarm, and then offer their “services”.

In such a situation, it must be said that everything is in order with the security system of the car. Then the attackers are likely to give up on the idea of ​​stealing your car. And if the representatives of the company really called, then the car owner will get rid of the imposed services and use them only when he considers it necessary.

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