Types of pensions in Russia: what payments can citizens claim in 2023

Types of pensions in Russia: what payments can citizens claim in 2023

Algorithms for the formation of pensions differ depending on their type. About what pensions are paid to Russian citizens in 2023, the portal “Courier. Wednesday” reports.

What types of pensions exist in Russia

In the Russian Federation, citizens are entitled to regular pension payments from the state. This form of social support is provided upon reaching a certain age, fulfilling certain conditions and for representatives of certain professions.

There are several types of pensions in Russia:

Insurance pension: This is compensation for the lost source of income. Includes old-age pension for those who have reached retirement age, disability pension for disabled people with work experience, and survivor’s pension for dependents of the deceased.

State pension: granted to citizens who worked in the federal civil service for a certain period. In addition, cosmonauts, flight test personnel, military personnel and victims of radiation or man-made disasters can receive a state pension. State pension provision includes five types: retirement pension, survivor’s pension, old-age pension for victims of disasters, disability pension for military personnel and victims of disasters, as well as social pension for disabled citizens and persons who have lost their breadwinner without justification. for an insurance pension.

Funded pension: the funded part is added to the fixed social and insurance parts of the pension. It is an additional benefit generated on a special personal account using employer deductions and investment income. The funded part can be received in the form of additional income or you can choose a lump sum transfer.

Voluntary pension: Citizens have the opportunity to form additional pension payments of their choice. To do this, they turn to a non-state pension fund (NPF) and begin to make personal contributions, from which an additional pension is formed. Some employers also cooperate with non-state funds, providing their staff with the opportunity to receive a corporate additional pension.

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