The well-known Latvian historian has passed away, his spouse announced

The prominent historian and history teacher at the Riga English Gymnasium and the Riga Cathedral Choir School has passed away.

Prominent historian and history teacher at the Riga English Gymnasium and the Riga Cathedral Choir School Artis Buks has passed away (born April 12, 1966 – died August 2, 2023), announced his spouse Inga Damskalne.

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Inga Damskalne writes on the “Facebook” website: “Dear Bucīt, You were the best dad in our BB and a strong support all this time. Today You joined the historians’ club in heaven, with a satisfied expression on your face and as you had wished, “let it be like a click when you turn off the light”.

We love you forever and are sad to be here without your support, sparkling (and sometimes so senile) humor, safe shoulder and conversations. Good luck and see you soon!”

Art Buk’s colleague, historian and pedagogue Valdis Klišāns said that he “passed away easily and completely unexpectedly for all of us who were with him on the last day. Until the last moment, we cracked the jokes of historians for which he was famous. It is very hard to think that all this WAS”.

Artis Buks has been active in publishing history, creating an encyclopedic history dictionary for young people, which was published in the magazine “Domuzīme”, on the website “Satori” and elsewhere.

His research interests were related to the development of the white aristocracy, the history of education, the formation processes of the Latvian state at the beginning of the 20th century. Buck stuck to the motto: “Science doesn’t judge, good or bad, science investigates.”

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