The psychologist spoke about what causes the indifference of the mother

Children experience the world through their mothers.

From them they receive the basic needs for love and care.

However, in some cases, mothers may be indifferent to children.

Psychologist Alexandra Miller spoke about what this could lead to in an interview with FAN.


Coldness and indifference on the part of the mother may arise from narcissism, lack of emotional intelligence, selfishness, or unwillingness to have a child.

However, such mothers are not always aware that they behave in this way.

In some cases, mothers can even broadcast the model of behavior in which they themselves were brought up.

Or they are afraid that the child will not be successful, and therefore turn the house into a “testing ground”.

Due to the fact that the child is in such an environment, he begins to learn how to manipulate people. So he will try to get love.

Because of this, hooligans appear.

Some children also begin to get sick often in order to attract the attention of their parents in this way.

In addition, children raised by cold mothers may not be able to build strong relationships, and often stick to a partner and begin to “strangle” him with their love.

Therefore, the expert advised to be kinder to each other and even to strangers.

Author: Vladimir Korolev

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