The perfumer has dispelled some myths about the choice of perfume

Today, on the shelves of specialized stores you can find a large number of perfumes.

Some advise sniffing coffee when choosing perfumes.

Thus, according to the myth, one can better experience the new smell.

Perfumer Maria Ushakova spoke in detail about this, Moslenta reports.


The expert noted that if a person was able to listen to several types of perfume, then he should not sniff coffee.

Coffee will not let the receptors rest, but will only clog them.

Therefore, it is better to drink plain water or go outside for fresh air.

It is also possible to sniff the elbow with clean skin.

The expert also spoke about synthetic perfumes, which many consider bad.

In fact, perfumes that sound modern are created using synthetic ingredients.

Author: Vladimir Korolev

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