The mayor of Chelyabinsk checked how parks and squares are being landscaped in the Traktorozavodsky district of Chelyabinsk

The mayor of Chelyabinsk checked how parks and squares are being landscaped in the Traktorozavodsky district of Chelyabinsk
In the Traktorozavodsky district of Chelyabinsk, the improvement of urban spaces continues. In some places, the work has already been completed, and in others, construction is in full swing. On Wednesday, May 24, the head of the city, together with the deputies, assessed the quality and pace of transformation in the territories where residents and guests of the district will soon have a rest.

The first stop of Natalia Kotova was the Garden of Victory park, the reconstruction of which began this year.

How the Victory Garden is being transformed, Natalya Kotova checked with deputies

There are new benches and modern lighting. For young visitors, a playground was installed with many slides, carousels and a bungee.

Chelyabinsk businessmen played an important role in the transformation of the park

15 million private investment allocated for playground

At the expense of budgetary funds, the park plans to repair the stage and make a dog walking area. However, residents of the area are already seeing changes for the better.

“It has become very beautiful,” says Razia Gromova. — I am a pensioner, I often go through the park and rest.

Despite the fact that the work is not yet completed, residents are already seeing changes for the better.

Also this summer, the area near the house number 13 on Yuzhnouralskaya Street will be transformed.

This is what the area will look like when the work is completed.

Residents voted for the improvement of this site last year under the program “Formation of a comfortable urban environment”

– This year we received funding, now active work is underway. Previously, there was already a square here, over time it fell into disrepair, so the residents actively asked for its restoration, – said the head of the Traktorozavodsky district, Yuri Kuznetsov. – The square will be divided into zones in the recreation area: there will be a zone for sports, for pensioners and for children.

Walking paths in this square will be lined with modern large-format tiles

On beveled tiles it will be convenient to move around on scooters, bicycles, and with a stroller

Video cameras will monitor the security of the park. Lighting will also be installed here and trees will be planted.

It was entrusted to put the territory in order by August 1, but the contractor promises to complete the work by July 15

All who are waiting for victory go to the site

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