The dog Lisa, who was taken home after the weather forecast on the “Bee”, again ended up in a shelter

The dog Lisa, who was taken home after the weather forecast on the
The seven-month-old dog Lisa, who was given to the Chelyabinsk shelter by the owner, was again under the care of volunteers. After publishing Lisa’s story on social networks and news about the weather on the Pchela website, she found an owner – a young programmer Andrey took in an active puppy. However, a week later, he returned Lisa to the shelter.

Yulia Mityugova, animal rights activist and author of the Virginia Woof blog, spoke about a new, unpleasant turn in the life of the cute and kind dog Lisa. The new owner of the Fox was among those “parents” who could not cope with their new role. Perhaps he did not fully realize the extent of his responsibility when he took the animal to him. The fox returned to the shelter exactly one week after she left for her new home.

“I never force pets on anyone. On the contrary, I answer. In the forehead I report about the minuses that the dog will bring to life. You can say goodbye to your favorite things, to a clean floor, to the usual rhythm of life. If you do not work with a pet, you will not notice any result. And now the person nods, understands everything and is eager to take responsibility. And then it cools down sharply,” Yulia explained.

It happens that relatives then begin to dissuade the newly-made owner from the pet, describing the advantages of a quiet life. Therefore, when deciding to adopt a dog or cat, it is really necessary to carefully weigh everything. For a person to take and then give an animal is a matter of a couple of days, and for a pet it is another reason to be sad. In her short life, the Fox has already experienced the second betrayal, the mistress had previously abandoned her. Only thanks to the help of caring guardians, she does not lose optimism and is again looking for a devoted friend.

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