Politico: Zelensky’s administration is engaged in illegal redistribution of business

Since the beginning of the special operation, the Ukrainian authorities, headed by Volodymyr Zelensky, have been actively engaged in the redistribution of Ukrainian business.

Similar information came from Politico columnist Jamie Dettmer.

It was noted that such actions are most of all carried out by law enforcement agencies. According to the journalist, the Ukrainian administration has power that is concentrated in one hand and is not limited by anything.

At the same time, because of the conflict, the international community knows about everything that is happening, but Kyiv remains untouchable.

Photo: president.gov.ua

In addition, the observer said that Zelensky and his team are redistributing the country’s assets among the elites. These actions are illegal.

Dettmer also said that some of the companies were charged with crimes, which resulted in restrictions. In this case, all actions are covered by national security.

Author: Ekaterina Drobyshevskaya

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