People are horrified to learn why you can’t wear red to a wedding

A lot of people don’t mind wearing red to a wedding.

Strikingly glamorous color effectively contrasts with striking white and looks great.

If you have a red dress hanging in your wardrobe for a special day, then you may want to reconsider your decision, as it has a hidden meaning that you probably don’t know about, writes the Mirror.

In a recent episode of The Unfiltered Bride podcast, co-hosts and wedding planners Georgie Mitchell and Bethany Smith revealed why a red dress shouldn’t be next to a white wedding dress.

Photo: Pixabay

Many listeners were shocked by this statement and insisted that the organizers explain the reason in detail.

According to signs, wearing this particular color means that you slept with the groom.

Although many believe that red has no hidden meaning and is associated with sexuality and daring disobedience.

Listeners admitted that they had seen a red dress at weddings more than once, and they themselves made such a mistake.

Author: Elena Gutyro

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