Never leave your keys in the door overnight: here’s why! This is very important

Let’s find out why you shouldn’t leave your keys in the keyhole overnight and how this can help potential robbers.

Some people still believe that leaving a key in the keyhole can protect against burglary.

But maybe it is still possible to open the door by leaving the key in the lock? First, examine your lock – if it has a friction cylinder or an emergency function, then the door can be opened even if there is a second key on the other side. However, is it possible to leave the key in the keyhole overnight if you have a different type of mechanism?

Many people believe that they will increase their security if the key is not turned all the way, leaving it perpendicular to the desired position. Should the keys be left in the lock in this case?

According to experts, this can make the job of an experienced robber easier. Although he won’t be able to push the key out, turning it completely in the right direction with the help of special tools will be a very easy task. Locks with rotating cut-off bushings, which sometimes manage to be opened even with a screwdriver, are especially dangerous here.

Why can’t you leave your keys overnight in the keyhole? Burglars will be able to pull your key and open the door. To protect yourself from break-ins, it is better to put the keys somewhere else or install a high-quality door.

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Beliefs about keys – why they should not be left in the lock

According to beliefs, this may indicate an imminent robbery of your home.

If your key is broken in the lock, it could be a sign that thieves are interested in your home and you need to be vigilant. Thieves may have managed to get into your home, but they couldn’t rob it.

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