The mountain of Orpheus, the magical Rhodopes, in which, once set foot, you remain forever captivated, are popular not only for their indescribable beauty and sights.

And with the rare animal and plant species, with the picturesque villages and towns that have preserved the unadulterated and incomparable way of life, culture and history of the people of Rhodope, but also with the dense and complex river network, with its water wealth and with some of the most beautiful and large dams in our country Shiroka Polyana, Batak, Dospat, Golyam Beglik, Kardjali, Vacha, etc.

The multitude of rivers originating from the Rhodope mountain or simply passing through its amazing power flow outside the border of our country – into the Aegean Sea or into our territory – into the Mesta and Maritsa rivers.

And what is the biggest river that springs from the magical Rhodopes, read at

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