How to wash the carpet from cat “marks”: expensive “chemistry” will not help here

Has your cat marked the carpet, and now there is a stain in the most visible place? Do not rush to get upset.

You can fix the situation, and in a fairly simple way.

You will need to use a technique that not only neutralizes the unpleasant smell of urine, but also effectively cleans the pile.

We will present detailed instructions for removing cat mark stains in the article.

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Write down this way

Arm yourself with baking soda, 9% vinegar, and 3% hydrogen peroxide.

First, blot the stained area with a clean, dry cloth to absorb excess moisture.

Next, dilute the vinegar with water in a ratio of 50 x 50 and treat the stain with the resulting solution. Let it dry.

During this time, prepare another mixture: dilute hydrogen peroxide with a couple of drops of any dishwashing detergent, then collect the resulting solution in a spray bottle.

When the dirty area is completely dry, sprinkle it with soda, then sprinkle with the above mixture.

Wait until the product pushes the dirt out of the carpet fibers. Remove the remaining soda with a vacuum cleaner.

Author: Margarita Sadkovskaya

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