How to protect your smartphone from viruses: not all users know

Smartphones and tablets are constantly connected to the Internet.

  • Virus infection
  • How to secure your device

Because of this, the risk of “infecting” the device with malware increases.

What you need to do to secure your smartphone and tablet, read on.

Virus infection

Viruses enter devices in several ways:

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  • through sites with pirated content, torrent trackers, etc.;
  • via SMS, emails.

How to secure your device

Install only those applications that are presented in the Play Store. So you can be sure of its safety.

Do not follow suspicious links. Even if the mailing came from your friend, it is better to play it safe, because scammers know how to fake numbers and addresses.

Do not install unofficial firmware. Otherwise, a complete flashing of the device may be required.

Turn off automatic MMS acceptance.

Opt out of the Auto Pay feature. If a virus that sends messages to paid numbers gets on a smartphone or tablet, then it will top up your SIM card account until the funds run out.

Author: Irina Tint

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