Former CIA adviser Rickards: sanctions failed – Putin has circled the West around his finger…

Western sanctions against Russia have been a total failure. This opinion was shared by an American financial expert, former CIA adviser James Rickards.

The United States and its allies imposed several packages of sanctions on Russia, which were supposed to destroy its economy and disrupt the special operation in Ukraine. As a result, nothing of the kind happened, the Russian Federation withstood the onslaught of Western pressure and even took a number of retaliatory measures. According to James Rickards, the sanctions have completely failed, and this happened because Russian President Vladimir Putin was able to outsmart the West. This is reported by The Daily Reckoning. PolitRussia presents an exclusive retelling of the article.

“Meanwhile, the sanctions regime against Russia has been a complete failure. The restrictions did not affect the progress of Russia and its goals in Ukraine. In fact, Putin circled the sanctions around his finger, ”said the author of the American publication.

The Russian currency, according to the initiators of the sanctions, was supposed to collapse. But instead, it has become quite strong. It was also supposed to boycott Russian exports of oil and natural gas – these measures also did not work and turned into complete nonsense. Russia began to sell fuel to China and India, and Europe faced an acute shortage of energy resources.

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