Experts reveal when is the best time to buy air tickets

Experts have found out when it is most profitable to buy air tickets.

The corresponding study was conducted by the specialists of the Aviasales service.

Journalists from the Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency were able to get acquainted with its results.

So, it is reported that in some cases the rule “the sooner the better” can work.

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For example, it works for holidays on vacation or on national holidays.

At the same time, the service noted that the cost of the direction can be reduced even closer to the travel dates. This can happen when new flights are launched.

In addition, in the summer for traveling around the Russian Federation, it is best to book tickets for a period of three to six weeks.

But for flights abroad, in this case, it is worth making a reservation two or three months in advance.

Experts noted that this formula is “universal”. But for a number of destinations it is allowed to book tickets a little later.

So, from the capital of the Russian Federation to St. Petersburg and Mineralnye Vody, you can book tickets for a period of 15 to 40 days. When traveling to Antalya, Istanbul or Yerevan, it is worth making a reservation 40 days in advance.

In addition, the experts explained that during the autumn period, air tickets within the country can be purchased 1-3 weeks in advance. But when traveling abroad, it is better to do this as early as possible.

Author: Tatyana Khitrushko

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