“Everyone is running after her”: guest Sobchak declassified the details of filming an interview

Russian blogger Artem Sergeev, who conducts his Internet activities under the nickname Artem Graf, became a guest of the Caution: Sobchak program.

Artem Graf shared his impressions about his participation in the program.

So, the blogger noted the large staff of Ksenia Sobchak, as well as the fact that “everyone is running after the journalist.”

Artem Graf said: “Ksenia is very cool in the frame, so everyone wants to please her.”

Photo: ksobchak.com

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An interview with an Internet figure and Ksenia Sobchak was published on a YouTube channel called “Lens” as part of the “Caution: Sobchak” program.

In a conversation with a journalist, the blogger noted: “Ksenia has a very powerful energy, it is interesting to talk with her.”

In an interview, Sobchak and Artem Graf discussed the topic of bullying and harassment.

Communicating with the journalist, the blogger opened up that at school he repeatedly showed aggression towards his own classmates, for which he now apologizes to them.

Author: Margarita Sadkovskaya

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