Bloomberg: the global oil industry is at a turning point

The global oil industry is undergoing a significant upheaval due to the shift of markets to the east.

Shipbrokers can’t help but notice a record increase in the number of orders for the construction of new tankers.

The reason for this “boom” lies in the fact that the main course of oil sales has shifted from Europe to the East.

This is reported by Bloomberg, citing data from brokers and analysts.

Oil production

The agency reports that broker Braemar shared information that since the beginning of this year, 38 new tankers have been ordered worldwide.

This number of orders for the construction of tankers was a record since 2013.

The source notes that last year the number of new tankers reached only 31. Therefore, analysts say that this year the market may double the figure for 2022.

Experts believe that the oil markets have taken a course to the East, and the movement of raw materials by sea has become more profitable and profitable, which has significantly affected the construction of new tankers.

Author: Anastasia Larionova

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