Attack on the Russian regions on June 2, 2023: where the explosions took place

Attack on the Russian regions on June 2, 2023: where the explosions took place

The night from June 1 to June 2, 2023 was difficult for many Russian regions. They came under fire from Ukraine. Most of the shelling can be called unsuccessful, but still some shells reached the civilian homes of local residents, reports

Attack on Russia on June 2: in which regions explosions were heard

On the night of June 2, residents of the city of Kursk reported audible explosions, according to the Baza Telegram channel. Flashes were observed in the sky over the city, and presumably, this is due to the actions of the air defense system (air defense). Representatives of the Ministry of Defense have not yet commented on this information, writes

According to information from the Baza channel, local residents of Kursk are actively discussing what is happening on social networks, but details and official information are not yet available.

Telegram channel Shot added that at least three loud explosions were heard by residents of the Pobeda and Karl Marx districts. The channel also noted the presence of a bright flash. According to the Mash Telegram channel, the explosions took place near the Kursk railway station.

Earlier, the Mash Telegram channel informed about the launch of the S-200 missile by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Belgorod region, which was nicknamed the “airliner killer”. Mash mentions that on the previous day, residents of the border Alekseevsky urban district heard a strong explosion, after which a large crater was seen at the site between the villages of Osadcheye and Krasnoye. The military sappers who arrived on the scene found the wreckage and the tail section of the S-200 missile, which were safely destroyed.

Smolensk region

According to the authorities of the Smolensk region, two unmanned aerial vehicles attacked fuel and energy facilities in the region tonight. Fortunately, the incident did not lead to critical damage, fires and casualties.

Kaluga region

Also, according to the governor, this morning in the forest in the Kirovsky district of the Kaluga region there was a fall of an unidentified object and a subsequent explosion. However, no damage or casualties were reported.

Regarding what happened on the night of today near Kursk, the governor said that several Ukrainian drones were shot down by an air defense system.

Bryansk region

Incidents related to the shelling of two villages in the Bryansk region and the fire of two residential buildings were also noted by the governor. However, according to him, no one was injured as a result of these events.

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