“An unpredictable thing”: the White House spoke about the timing of the start of negotiations on Ukraine

In America, they did not begin to predict the timing of the bulk of negotiations on Ukraine.

A statement on this subject in an interview with CNN journalists was made by the assistant to the American leader for national security, Jake Sullivan.

He, as indicated in the material, speaking about the timing of the negotiations, noted that the conflict is “an unpredictable thing.”

He suggested that the events that are currently taking place on the battlefield may have an impact on how peace negotiations will proceed in the future.

White House
Photo: Pixabay

At the same time, he believes that this conflict situation will still end through diplomacy.

Recall that the Russian side has repeatedly declared its readiness for negotiations. However, the Ukrainian leader signed a corresponding decree that prohibits negotiations with the Russian Federation.

It is worth noting that it has been repeatedly emphasized earlier that pumping Ukraine with weapons from the Western allies also does not contribute to resolving the crisis situation.

Author: Tatyana Khitrushko

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